Polish Singer in Toronto

I was born and raised in Poland, but I've lived and traveled around Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 
I hitchhiked in the Balkans, Morocco and Georgia, lived in Ukraine, Slovakia and Belgium, and traveled through India.
My travelling spirit brought my voice and music to Canada in 2015.
I came for 2 weeks and unexpectedly stayed for 2 years! And this is how the story began :). 
Today I am an active member of the Toronto grassroots community, organizing many different cultural events.
I perform with Polky Village Band, playing traditional Polish folk songs and dances spanning different regions and rituals.
I am a singer and percussionist in Blisk, new all-female world music group in Toronto.
I am also a world music singer and have sung in about 20 languages. 

Current Projects

Check out my ongoing Toronto based projects. 

Polky Village 2018-41.jpg

Polky village band

Polish folk music, Canadian musicians, multicultural way!

Created by two courageous ladies from Poland, singer Ewelina Ferenc and dancer Ala Stasiuk, Polky Village Band is not a typical "polka band" but an authentic, energetic Polish-Canadian folk music group. The band performs traditional songs and dances that Ewelina and Ala learned while growing up back home, and now they share them with incredible Canadian musicians & friends they acquired in Toronto! They present music and traditional instruments currently reviving on the Polish music scene and create their own unique sound by adding Canadian and multicultural flavor!



Blisk is an all-female synthesis of polyphonic Balkan and Slavic song, dance and movement backed by hypnotic percussion. Experience a musical journey through Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and beyond.

The members of the group, all residents of Toronto, hail from Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, made their public debut in December 2017 at the Aga Khan Museum alongside JUNO-nominated Turkwaz.

I Float EP

I recorded these original songs, which are an expression of my life in 2015 and 2016. It's my first solo EP and my first try to write and sing in English which is a lot of fun :)

the painted bird.jpg

The Painted Bird

I work on the music together with Paul Kolinski for the play The Painted Bird, which is an adaptation of the controversial novel by Polish author Jerzy Kosinski.
Currently in development, directed by Viktor Lukawski.



Would you like to hire Polish singer to sing at the church during your wedding ceremony? What about Eastern - European wedding folk band for your reception? Nothing more simple than that! I cooperate with many professional musicians in Toronto and my band and I can move to dance even those squares with two left feet ;) 

Folk Camp

Folk Camp was started by the Kosa Kolektiv community in 2014. The camp is a natural extension of the collective's work in the community reviving folk traditions and engaging people in artistic and creative practices that promote healthy vibrant joyful living. I came to Folk Camp from Poland as a singing workshop leader. I met so many talented people at the camp that I decided to stay in Canada even if this wasn't my original plan! Now, after 2 years, I work for Folk Camp, being responsible for registration and evening programming. 


Eastern European folk dance nights

I recently started to oragnize Polka events - Eastern European Dance Nights, which are fun social folk dance evenings including great bands, traditional dance workshops, delicious food and drinks. To share each other's traditions, to meet other cultures and to have fun! Join me and other bands for couple and line dances with live music. No dance experience necessary! 


Kosa Koliadnyky

I led workshops and practices of this group of singers to bring Ukrainian and Polish carols, and organized our expeditions to homes in Toronto and Mississauga during this winter holiday season. 


Past Projects

Ewelina's musical journey has taken her through many different projects.
Here are a few of them.



Co-founded by Ewelina in Katowice, Poland, this singing group focused on traditional Slavic songs.



This group of musicians played folk music with an influence of the concrete apartment blocks of Eastern Europe. Ewelina co-founded this band in Katowice, Poland. 



Ewelina was a singer with this Afro-Cuban-Etno-Dub group in Rzeszow, Poland. 



Folk, jazz, soul. 



"Vlesie" in Polish means "in the woods". And this is how we met - playing music in the woods. We met in August 2015 in Grafton, Ontario at the Folk Camp organized by Kosa Kolektiv. We were drawn to each other’s music, and created a unique combination of Eastern and Northern European styles. From the Canadian woods we want to take you on a musical journey to Eastern European villages, Southern European wineries and Northern European rivers, lakes and forests.


Erik Bleich

Erik Bleich is a Northern Ontario uproot who's street lit lullabies and manic romps wander the side streets between rural isolation and metropolitan congestion. Blending dynamic, finger-style guitar playing with his often-soft - but increasingly confident - tenor: Bleich builds a space for himself, leaving enough room for the listener to enter at their own pace.