Worldly Polish Singer in Toronto!

I’m a singer born and raised in Katowice, Poland. I studied Ethnomusicology at the University of Warsaw, focusing mostly on Polish traditional music and world music. I've lived and traveled around Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 
I hitchhiked in the Balkans, Morocco and Georgia, lived in Ukraine, Slovakia and Belgium, and traveled through India.
My travelling spirit brought my voice and music to Canada in 2016 and since then I am an active member of the Toronto world and folk music community, organizing many different cultural events. As a founder, lead singer and manager of Polky Village Band, I perform Eastern European traditional folk songs and teach traditional folk dances from different regions of Poland.

I was studying traditional voice techniques under a supervision of Witek Kozlowski (Ukrainian singing technique, “bilyj holos”), Basia Wilinska (Polish, Ukrainian, Balkan singing techniques), Wronika Grozdew - Kolacinska (Polish singing from Kurpie region, Bulgarian singing), Tzvetanka Varmiezova (Bulgarian singing), Marichka Marchyk (Ukrainian singing, “bilyj holos”) and more!

My voice and music was featured by the Songlines Magazine in 2016 on their Silesian Roots Compilation, Polish-Celtic group Beltaine and their Mjusik, Katowice own folk band Blokowioska and their EP Radio Katowice. In 2016 I released my own EP called I float featuring original songs. I recently recorded an EP Immigration with Polky Village Band and we’re planning to record our first full-length CD in 2019.

I enjoy working with female singers of different backgrounds in Toronto!
My recent collaborations include: Lenka Lichtenberg, Lauren Barnett, Marta Solek, and more!
I am founder, singer and percussionist in Blisk, new all-female world music group in Toronto featuring singers, dancers and percussionists from Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

I have sung in about 20 languages


 Folk Alliance International, Montreal QC
Official Showcase Performance


Thurs Feb 14, 2019 @5:45pm - 6:15pm
Joni Mitchell Room (Place Du Canada)
(Fairmont, The Queen Elizabeth)

Polky Village Band
Sat Feb 16, 2019 @4:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Gordon Lightfoot Room (Van-Horne)
(Fairmont, The Queen Elizabeth)

Music and Videos

Polky Village Band - Immigration EP
Have a listen to two of the tracks from the newest EP Immigration by Polky Village Band.

Blisk - “Ukraininan Spring Medley”.
A sneak peak of the official showcase at Mundial Montreal with my Eastern European all-female group, November 2018.

Polky Village Band - “Kopanitsa Tavern”
I performed with Polky Village Band at the Ashkenaz Festival 2018 opening for Olga Mieleszczuk! Lula Lounge Toronto, September 29.

Blisk - "Goranine"
Blisk opening for JUNO-nominated Turkwaz at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, December 2017.

Blokowioska - "Kołysanka / Lullaby"
I sing a traditional Polish lullaby from the Lubelskie region. Blokowioska was formed by three Polish trouble makers/folk singers in the concrete blocks of Eastern Europe. This song was part of the Silesian Roots Compilation for Songlines Magazine, released in London, UK in April 2016. 

Polky Village Band - "Do Ciebie Kasienko"
Recorded at Matti's house back in 2017.

Vlesie - "Doliny"
We played a concert in the home of Brenda MacCrimmon. It was a peaceful, meditative evening, with good friends all around us. 

Vlesie - "Emptiness"
I met Matti Palonen and Cassie Norton in the forest, at a tree that Matti turned into a harp, at Folk Camp in 2015. This videos shows the first anniversary of that meeting. We performed our songs to the attendees of Folk Camp 2016 in a concert in the forest by the same tree at which we met.

Ewelina Ferenc - I Float EP
Have a listen to my EP I float featuring original songs released in November 2016.

Past Projects

Ewelina's musical journey has taken her through many different projects.
Here are a few of them.



Co-founded by Ewelina in Katowice, Poland, this singing group focused on traditional Slavic songs.



This group of musicians played folk music with an influence of the concrete apartment blocks of Eastern Europe. Ewelina co-founded this band in Katowice, Poland. 



Ewelina was a singer with this Afro-Cuban-Etno-Dub group in Rzeszow, Poland. 



Folk, jazz, soul. 



"Vlesie" in Polish means "in the woods". And this is how we met - playing music in the woods. We met in August 2015 in Grafton, Ontario at the Folk Camp organized by Kosa Kolektiv. We were drawn to each other’s music, and created a unique combination of Eastern and Northern European styles.


Erik Bleich

Erik Bleich is a Northern Ontario uproot who's street lit lullabies and manic romps wander the side streets between rural isolation and metropolitan congestion. Blending dynamic, finger-style guitar playing with his often-soft - but increasingly confident - tenor: Bleich builds a space for himself, leaving enough room for the listener to enter at their own pace.