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Polky Village Band at The Local!

Where to buy the best sausage and pickles? Of course on Roncy!
Where to listen to the best music? Of course at The Local Pub!

Polky Village Band in the heart of the Roncesvalles - the old Polish neighbourhood! 

2nd of May at 9 pm - midnight
The Local Pub, 396 Roncesvalles Ave.
admission: pass the jug

Polky Village Band performs traditional Polish folk songs and dances span different regions and rituals. Most of their repertoire is comprised of songs that singers Ewelina Ferenc and Ala Stasiuk learned growing up in Poland. Polky Village Band has led Polish folk dance workshops in collaboration with Biały Orzeł Song and Dance Academy, and Folk Camp Canada. They have performed at Polish, Ukrainian, and Lemko cultural events and they can move to dance even those squares with two left feet ;)

Ewelina Ferenc - vocal, drum, mandolin
Alicja Stasiuk - vocal, drum
Matti Palonen - hammer dulcimer, flutes, jouhikko
Tristan Murphy - accordion

So are you ready to polka with Polky? :)