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Polky Village Band + DoVira at Hugh's Room!

Hugh's Room Live
2261 Dundas St. W., Toronto
Sunday, September 17, 8:30 - 11 PM
Tickets info here:

"While Toronto’s Polish community celebrates up and down Roncy and the Ukrainians take over Bloor West, Hugh’s Room Live brings the vibrancy of Eastern European together with two hot new bands, drawing on their roots".

Toronto Ukrainian Festival and Roncesvalles Polish Festival Toronto always happen during the same weekend in September in Toronto's west end in two different locations. 
Finally Ukrainian and Polish festivals unite under one roof at Hugh's Room Live!

Polky Village Band and DoVira, Polish and Ukrainian music, on one stage to close off both festivals.

It cannot be missed :)


Polky Village Band

Polky Village Band perform authentic energetic folk songs from various regions of Poland.
Born in Katowice, Poland, ethnomusicologist and singer Ewelina Ferenc moved to Toronto in 2015. Here she met professional Polish dancer and choreographer Ala Stasiuk, originally from Zielona Gora. Together they were eager to share the music they learned growing up back home with some incredible Canadian musicians & friends they acquired in Toronto. Today, the instrumentation of Polky Village Band consists of:
Ewelina Ferenc - Matka Polka & lead vocal, frame drum, tapan
Alicja Stasiuk - vocals, dance instructor
Matti Palonen - hammer dulcimer, jouhikko, flutes, mandolin, vocals
Tristan Murphy - accordion, vocals
Georgia Hathaway - fiddle, vocals
The band has performed and taught traditional dance workshops at numerous cultural events around the Great Toronto Area. 
Polky Village band is always ready to make you dance, even if you've got two left feet!


DoVira [do-VEE-ruh] is a Canadian world fusion group that integrates Eastern European folk music with contemporary arrangements, electronic textures, and other music influences from around the World.

Fronted by Ukrainian-born pianist/vocalist/composer Stacey Yerofeyeva, the group also features drummer/percussionist Derek Gray from Ventanas, guitarist Patrick O’Reilly from D’bi & the 333, bassist Mark Rynkun, and Mike Romaniak from Lemon Bucket Orkestra; a pioneer in integrating the sopilka (a traditional Ukrainian flute-like instrument) with guitar pedals & effects.

DoVira, whose name translates to ‘trust’ in Ukrainian, released their first EP ’Obrys’ (or ‘Outline’) in 2014. The EP featured re-mastered versions of their successful debut singles ‘Nese Halya Vodu’, ‘Oy Chyj To Kin’ Stoyit’, and ‘Yihav Kozak Mistom’, featuring the Sudanese multi- instrumentalist Waleed Abdulhamid (currently celebrating 35,000+ views on YouTube).

DoVira’s second release was their debut full-length album, self- titled as ‘DoVira’ on November 25th, 2016 at the Burdock Music Hall in Toronto. Recorded at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, the album features nine guest artists, including Juno-award winning tabla virtuoso Ed Hanley (Autorickshaw), woodwind master Ernie Tollar (Tasa), Georgian polyphony specialist Andrea Kuzmich (Darbazi, ZARI), and Slavic white-voice singer Anastasia Baczynskyj (Lemon Bucket Orkestra).

The album singles out the Ukrainian folk melody as the point of departure for a musical treasure hunt within tradition. By putting a contemporary spin on well-known folk songs, while researching and reviving forgotten material, DoVira hopes to showcase the beauty and richness of this music to broad audiences. By collaborating with artists of different backgrounds, including Indian, Polish, Georgian, and French-Canadian musicians, the project has an even greater philosophy. With the events going on in the world today, negativity and hate is increasing between brothers, sisters, and the closest of neighbours. DoVira aims to spread awareness about Ukraine’s current struggle to keep its culture alive, while promoting a universal message of trust and a ‘unified planet’ through their music. DoVira’s music isn’t meant to be catering to a specific community or demographic – it is true contemporary ‘world’ music.